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My Girl, the Frog

You know that story about a frog and boiling water? That’s my daughter. Continue reading

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Letters to my Pants

Is it weird that I talk to my pants? I mean, it’s all stuff that they need to hear… Continue reading

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It’s a Good Dream

The Kindergartner: Tomorrow is a holiday, do you want to know what holiday? Me: Yes. The Kindergartner: It’s Martin Luther King Day. Me: And do you know what Martin Luther King, Jr. did? The Kindergartner: He had a dream that … Continue reading

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When You’re Right…

Some things you can’t teach – it’s just part of who we are… Me: K, you’re buckled first? It’s a miracle! W: Yeah, it’s a miracle because you were first in the car. K: No I wasn’t. You were first. … Continue reading

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Oh, My God.

It seems to me that God can be a lot of things to a lot of people. [But] I would never, ever presume to have knowledge about THE God. Nor would I ever, ever be so bold as to advise you or anyone else on what your beliefs should be. These are really just my thoughts, my ideas, and my beliefs about what God is and means to me.

Continue reading

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