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Raising Her Voice

What I want more than almost anything else is for my daughter to have a voice in this world, to know her thoughts and ideas are valued, and her opinions are worth expressing. She has a great big brain and … Continue reading

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Doing Something Right

My son eats like he’s been raised by wolves, and I have thought about selling him to the next band of gypsies to happen by. But he also has shining moments that tell me despite all we are doing wrong, we must be doing something right. Continue reading

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Hey look, honey, you can be smart and successful and talented but you’re going to be judged on your looks anyway. And you can even spend hours a day perfecting that look, but somebody will always find a way to bring you down. Continue reading

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Running From Depression

When I put my headphones on and start moving my feet, I get into a zone that is just for me. For 40 minutes, I’m not a mom, or a wife, or an employee, or even a friend. I am just me. Continue reading

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