Dear Morning Julia

Dear Morning Julia,

Here’s the deal. Daytime Julia has work and Evening Julia has every activity known to humankind. We know you’re busy with getting everybody up and off for the day, but we still think you’re the best option to take on the exercise responsibility. Of course we also know you’d rather sleep (which one of us doesn’t?), but Nighttime Julia has agreed to stop watching Criminal Minds and get more sleep on her end. Also, we’ll all give you a break on the weekends and one of us will go for our run.

I think we all agree how important it is to get back into a routine. It’s been about a month since Nighttime Julia wrote Running From Depression and we still haven’t gotten moving consistently. Do we even need to mention the fact that those races that Daytime Julia signed us all up for are looming in the not-so-distant future? Now, thanks to Evening Julia, we know we can still run at least a 5k. But it’s up to you to get us all the way back up to the 13.1 miles.

All right, let’s get to it! We all have faith in you! (Now got to sleep, Nighttime Julia, you’re not making this any easier!)

Your Whole Self


About perfectday

There is always something bumping around in my head, and if I leave it up there, I will go crazy. So I try to get my thoughts out onto paper (or the current equivalent). Mostly this blog is just for me to keep my sanity, but I also hope there's a nugget or two in there that other people find worth reading.
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