MIA and My Deep (Not Really Dark) Secret

I haven’t made time to write and there’s so much that I want to say. Like how I’m pretty sure my son doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny even though he hasn’t admitted it yet, or how my daughter shares one of my compulsive behaviors, or how polygamy is obviously a bad idea but maybe not such a bad idea, or about the day I was able to call myself a runner, or how much the media is pissing me off this week, or how I still need to thank mommytrainingwheels and then pay forward the blog awards, or a million other things.

But I’m stuck inside my head. The same way we Minnesotans are stuck inside our homes due to this never-ending winter. Ok, that second part is a lie – Minnesotans are never stuck inside. We find a way to go out and play in the snow, almost universally until the wind chill is unbearable (like -40F). So I have no excuse for being MIA and stuck in my head, but this does bring me to my deep (not really dark) secret.

Of course I, like all Minnesotans, am sick and tired of winter. Usually we’re well on our way to a happy spring, past all the melting and gray part of spring and into the green grass, budding trees, and blossoming flowers part of spring. But as I am typing this on April 22, it’s snowing outside and we could accumulate up to 9″ overnight. It totally sucks.

Except I secretly love it.

I don’t love it because winter is my second favorite season, and I don’t love it the way I love the first snow of the season (preferably a week or so before Christmas). I love it because it is the epitome of Minnesota lore. When I first transplanted here in 1997, all I heard from my new Minnesota neighbors was how I would never survive a Minnesota winter coming from The Land of Enchantment (that’s New Mexico, if you didn’t know). But I’ve spent the last four years in Northwest Indiana, surely that must count for something? Nope, nothing compares to a Minnesota winter.

Case in point: the Halloween Blizzard of 1991. Oh, how I heard about that snow storm. The whole state went to bed on October 30th, only to wake up to a foot of snow! On Halloween! They had to cancel Trick-or-Treating! Can you imagine? Well, that might not be accurate, but it’s how I remember it and it was definitely a record-setting blizzard, but it’s also part of the Minnesota lore. You do know only the sturdiest of folk can settle in the wintry wasteland we call home!

The reality is that my first winter, and second, and third, and several after that were all relatively easy winters. There’s snow and there’s cold, but I learned to play broom ball and ice skated outside and walked on a frozen lake and met a Canadian who taught me how to love winter.

Every few years we have a seriously crappy winter, but most of the time, it’s actually not that bad. But we can’t let the rest of you know that. You might think it’s nice and want to come up here to stay. And then the lakes will get even busier and going North traffic would get worse and it would be harder to get tickets to a Wild game and there’d be all these extra strangers bumping around when we’re out trying to enjoy the rest of the year. So we need winters like this to maintain our reputation and keep the riffraff out of our state.

Plus now when people talk about it, I can be part of the conversation: Remember April of 2013? Oh, that was the worst! They cancelled school twice after Tax Day! The high schools had to reschedule their spring sports! It was terrible! We thought spring would never come! (Hard to believe it was 150F by July 4th…)

About perfectday

There is always something bumping around in my head, and if I leave it up there, I will go crazy. So I try to get my thoughts out onto paper (or the current equivalent). Mostly this blog is just for me to keep my sanity, but I also hope there's a nugget or two in there that other people find worth reading.
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4 Responses to MIA and My Deep (Not Really Dark) Secret

  1. Here in the Land of Enchantment, the northeast corner anyway, I am waking up to 18 degrees, high winds and a chance of snow. That’s more than enough to make me ache for our homeland of Albuquerque–a bit more mild and where the trees along the Rio Grande are showing their bright green buds. I don’t envy 9″ of snow on April 23 but I do hope for at least a snow day for you!

  2. I hope Spring comes your way soon. I actually love snow and but it seems that this year was intense. We are only (finally) recovering now from a second snowstorm after being teased with a promise of Spring (seriously we went from hardly any snow to a half-meter overnight twice!). I’ve hear that really bad winters come once every seven years…

    • perfectday says:

      Every seven years sounds about right. I love snow too, but am definitely ready for some warm weather (which appears to have finally arrived as I’m typing this now!).

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