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From Literal to Sarcastic

My six year old daughter is figuring out sarcasm, and I think it’s the absolute best! Other than people falling down (aka AFV), sarcasm makes me laugh more than anything else. Please note, there is a difference between being sarcastic … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Judging by some recent facebook photos, some of the weight I thought was gone was really only in the Lost & Found. I won’t lie and say it’s not disappointing, but luckily for me this was also in the Lost … Continue reading

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Nurture and Nature

This is a few years old (hence the Jersey Shore reference), but it’s been on my mind a lot lately so I thought I’d resurrect it from my archives. Reading it now, I can’t help but think how smart I … Continue reading

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They say that growing up is hard to do…

I know the song says “breaking up” but I think growing up is hard to do, too. Tonight as I was tucking in my son he said, “What should we do with all my stuffed animals? ┬áPut them in the … Continue reading

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