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No Mo’ NaBloPoMo

I couldn’t do it. The first day it was a conscious decision. It was getting late in the day. I knew I could rush and post something – another half-concocted thought. But I weighed the options. I thought, If I … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season

It’s that magical time of year again – the time of year where there is simultaneously too much Christmas and not enough Christmas to keep the masses happy. Maybe an epic battle would settle it once and for all. On … Continue reading

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Proud Parenting Moments

Kids will often do something that fills their parent’s heart with pride. Sometimes it’s a big thing like acing a test or scoring the winning goal. Sometimes it’s just a very little thing, like when you’re walking upstairs and your … Continue reading

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Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling, My Son John

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost your street pants and ONE shoe while at hockey practice. What’s that? Not a lot of hands out there? Oh, so it’s just my son then. Good. Maybe hockey players will tell me … Continue reading

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First Grade Comedy

A while ago I posted about my daughter’s blossoming sense of humor, as she begins to understand the fine art of sarcasm (From Literal to Sarcastic).  She’s also learning to tell jokes with an actual punchline. But good joke delivery … Continue reading

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Best. Football Game. Ever.

Well that would depend on who you are, but for me and a special subset of my friends, the point is not debatable. Twenty years ago today, something very special was happening on the Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s campuses.  … Continue reading

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Narrowing the Scope

So if I was going to get serious about this blogging thing (instead of just writing for my own entertainment and feeling very fortunate when someone else happens to be entertained as well), in theory I’d have to come up … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Day Program

I will never know their sacrifice, and my tears are a humble and insignificant tribute to all they have given. Continue reading

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Midlife Bucket List – Marathon

I’ve decided that for my 40th birthday I want to run a full marathon.  Full.  As in 26.2 miles.  It’s crazy, I know.  Only a handful of my friends will say, “Yes, I know how you feel!”  The rest will … Continue reading

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When Thoughts Don’t Go the Way You Planned

Yesterday I planned to talk about some of the differences between the older, wiser dog and the younger, energetic puppy.  It was going to be cute and insightful and include this quote from my always-entertaining daughter: “It’s kind of like … Continue reading

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