Narrowing the Scope

So if I was going to get serious about this blogging thing (instead of just writing for my own entertainment and feeling very fortunate when someone else happens to be entertained as well), in theory I’d have to come up with a theme. I’m kind of all over the board right now and I don’t know if “whatever I feel like” counts as a theme.

I don’t really know where I’d go with it though, if I did have to zero in on something. I could go pure running and chronicle my journey to that marathon I said I wanted to run. Or make a big switch and go purely fiction because is still have dreams of writing an actual book. I could never do a food blog – there’s only so much you can say about how to make mac n’ cheese or tacos.

Most likely, if push came to shove, I’d go with parenting. I mean, I’m already doing that everyday anyway. And people seem to enjoy stories about the kids more than anything else (probably because my kids are awesome!). But there seem to be so many sites out there doing the same thing, it’s a little intimidating to think about joining that club.

And to answer your question, yes, this is filler to simply get a post in today. But I am also trying to figure it all out!

About perfectday

There is always something bumping around in my head, and if I leave it up there, I will go crazy. So I try to get my thoughts out onto paper (or the current equivalent). Mostly this blog is just for me to keep my sanity, but I also hope there's a nugget or two in there that other people find worth reading.
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3 Responses to Narrowing the Scope

  1. Of course your kids are awesome! 😉
    I actually like the variety on your blog even if you don’t have a clear theme.

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