‘Tis the Season

It’s that magical time of year again – the time of year where there is simultaneously too much Christmas and not enough Christmas to keep the masses happy. Maybe an epic battle would settle it once and for all.

On one side, all those who complain every year about the “war” on Christmas. Line them up, armed with candy canes and tinsel. On the other side, those who complain that Christmas starts too early and they are inundated with it everywhere they go. Their weapon of choice can be a turkey drumstick. All those who complain about both can line up down the middle, dodging the crossfire.

Fight! Fight to the… well, not death, but how about silence? Then all the rest of us who love this time of year, regardless of what goes on in the stores or media, will be left to celebrate our holidays in festive merriment. Cheers!


About perfectday

There is always something bumping around in my head, and if I leave it up there, I will go crazy. So I try to get my thoughts out onto paper (or the current equivalent). Mostly this blog is just for me to keep my sanity, but I also hope there's a nugget or two in there that other people find worth reading.
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