Opening Ceremonies with My 7yo

If you ever thought the Parade of Athletes was the boring part of Opening Ceremonies, you should watch them with my 7-year-old daughter. Because while I love to watch the athletes, she definitely made the parade even more entertaining than I could have imagined.

Me: Are you going to be in the Olympics some day?
K: Yes.
Me: What event?
K: Bobsledding.
Me: Um. Ok.
K: What’s bobsledding?

Me: Oh, Greece, I love your gloves!
K: Why?
Me: They’re rainbow. In Russia it’s illegal to be gay or support gay people, and the rainbow is usually a symbol for LGBT so they’re supporting the LGBT community.
K: What’s LGBT? Oh, LGBTA – you’re Ally! A! (Parenting win for me.)

K: Is Canada in this?! Is America in this?!
Me: Yes.
K: Did they call America already??
Me: No, it’s alphabetical.
K: Yeah – A! America!
Me: Oh, true, but it’s acutally “United States of America”.
K: Ok. U. Got it.

K: M!! They skipped C!
Me: They’re using the Russian alphabet so some countries may seem out of order.
K: A, B, M??
Me: No, it’s a totally different alphabet with different letters.
K: Oh. Ok.

K: Oh, that’s sad… they only have three.

K: I can’t wait for R!
Me: Why R?
K: For Rome!
Me: Ok, but that’s actually Italy so I.
K: Ooh, yay! Even sooner!!

K : Canada! Canada! Canada! Take a picture!

K: Malta! They’re doing Malta! One athlete.
Me: Oooh, for Alpine Skiing. Remember how hot it was there?
K: Yeah! That’s pretty good then. Skiing for how hot it was there? They have grits. I mean guts. They’ve got guts.

K: Lux-em-burg. Yeah, I said it right. Lux-em-burg. Right? That’s right.
Me: Yep.
K: See? I said it right. Lux-em-burg.
Me: I never said you didn’t.

K: Oh no, she’s hurt. When did she get hurt?
Me: They said yesterday.
K: Well at least she gets to participate. That’s awesome.
Me: Yeah, but she won’t be doing her event.
K: Oh, that’s sad. I’ll bet she’ll go watch and cheer though. Probably there were two-thirty-one athletes and then well, that happened and…

K: What if Daddy was there? That would be so awesome!
Me: Well, he’d be in the Canada group, not the U.S.
K: Oh, well, whatever. It would be still be cool.
Me: Yes it would.
K: No, he’d be in the USA group because that’s where he is NOW.
Me: But he’s a Canadian citizen.
K: That’s ok. U-S-A! U-S-A!

K: This is the Philippines. Whooo! Give ’em a little clap, Mommy.

K: One-thirteen. Is that good for Japan? For the Winter Olympics?
Me: Probably.
K: Because they’re used to like our fall, right? Not a lot of snow.
Me: I think so.
K: Probably won’t be doing much skiing.

And then she cheered for Russia in true Olympic spirit, and then she lost interest. What is this? Ballroom dancing? And then she went to bed.

I can’t wait for the Opening Ceremonies in Rio!

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