Stanley Cup Playoffs

At our house we watch as many playoff games as possible. Mostly because playoff hockey is just really, really good hockey. But to make it even better, you have to be invested in each game, so we pick someone to root for. It’s not always easy, as I’ll explain in a minute, but when we turn on each game, we know which goals will make us cheer.

Here’s a breakdown of each series, and how we (mostly I because the kids and hubby sometimes disagree) choose a winner. I’ll start with the easy and obvious teams that we are actually rooting for all the way

Colorado vs Minnesota – We live in Minnesota and were season ticket holders for years, beginning with the Wild’s inaugural season up until our kids’ hockey started to get in the way. So of course we’re going to cheer for the Wild. And even though I love Colorado as a place to visit, and enjoyed my early years growing up in Colorado Springs, that’s not enough to get me to root for the Stinkin’ Avs, even if they weren’t playing against us.

Tampa Bay vs Montreal – Have I ever mentioned that my husband grew up in Montreal?

It gets a little more challenging after that, but here it is East to West.

New York Rangers vs Philadelphia – Normally this would be easy for me because I physically hate Tortorella’s face. I can’t exactly explain why – it’s not like he’s ever done anything personally to me or my family. Yet when I see him on TV, I just get angry and my blood starts to boil. But he’s not in NY anymore, and I’ve always liked Lundquist and St Louis is the guy we hold up as an example for our small-for-his-age son. In theory, I could root for the Rangers this year for the first time since becoming a hockey fan. But as it turns out, I can’t turn off my hate that quickly, so I’m rooting for Philly. Maybe next year, New York.

Boston vs Detroit – I’ve never liked Detroit. At all. I hate the Redwings as much as I hate the Yankees. But did I mention that my husband grew up in Montreal? And apparently there’s a rule in Montreal that you have to hate Boston, no matter what. Even my 9yo son scolded me when I asked who we were rooting for, “Mom, you have to root for Detroit. They’re playing Boston.” He says it like it’s a dirty word. He’s been well trained by his dad.

Pittsburgh vs Columbus – I could really go either way on this one. But my daughter’s first non-Minnesotan team that she rooted for was the Penguins (no idea why, as a 2yo, she decided it was her team for a season (she denies it now)). And they do have a local connection with Paul Martin, so we’re rooting for the Penguins.

Saint Louis vs Chicago – Another tough one to choose. On one hand, I have a lot of friends in Chicago and Patrick Sharp is serious MCM material (Man Crush Monday, for those who are 4 days behind me in the internet lingo), so who wouldn’t want to watch that for a few more weeks? On the other hand, we all fell in love with Oshie during the Olympics. I reasoned that St. Louis is the better team in the regular season, so we’d stand a better chance against Chicago in the next round. The 9yo made the case that we couldn’t cheer for the Blackhawks since they knocked Minnesota out of the playoffs last year. I waffled during the first couple games, but Seabrook sealed the deal with a super cheap hit. Seriously, dude. (Side note and pro tip – don’t use Siri to search for pictures of the Blackhawks. It will not be what you expected.)

San Jose vs Los Angeles – As a rule, I dislike LA teams and I like Joe Thornton, so without a lot of emotion or rigmarole, I’m cheering for San Jose. But let’s be real, no city in California deserves The Cup. If you can’t have kids skating outside, you just don’t.

Anaheim vs Dallas – And we’ll end on an easy one. Now, even though some of my favorite people live in Dallas, I hate Dallas teams. All of them. Cowboys, Stars, what have you. Hate them (I’ve even menitoned it once before). So while I don’t love Anaheim, I do sincerely, and with all my heart, wish for them to end any hope Dallas has of moving forward in the playoffs.

And there you have it.

Go Habs! Go Wild!

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