Maleficent with a 7 Year Old

I’ve mentioned before how my daughter’s commentary is sometimes the most entertaining part of a movie or program. I shared her quotes last year when we went to see Iron Man 3, and again in February during the opening ceremonies for the Olympics.

Today, we saw Maleficent and I giggled much more than the first time I saw it with a couple of my grown-up girlfriends. I really should mic her up when we go to movies, but I think I did a fair job of remembering her most quotable quotes.

SPOILER ALERT: some of these quotes will actually give away parts of the movie, so consider yourself warned.

First of all, she had Stephan’s number when they first said that true love’s kiss “wasn’t meant to be.”

Is that why she turns evil? Does Stephan do something to her?

And it just kept getting better.

Is she on the Mighty Girl website? She’s strong, she should be on the Mighty Girl website. Yeah, I think she is.

He’s a terrible boyfriend. I’m glad I don’t have wings that my boyfriend can take… Well, when I have a boyfriend.

That’s a strange way to cry. But she’s in pain and she’s sad so it’s like she’s being torn apart.

BOOOO! [When Stephan was crowned king]

She’s going to do something evil – you can tell because she said, “How wonnnderfulll.” And then she smiled. And a baby shouldn’t have a grand celebration.

Ooooh, she has a hat and an outfit now!

She has a little left. [Tapping her heart] A little love left.

I hope that doesn’t happen to me on my Golden Birthday… [she was born on the 16th]
Me: What? Get cursed?

Why doesn’t Maleficent kiss her? I mean, it’s true love, so….

Why is he trying to kill her?
Me: Because he’s a terrible, terrible person.

Yeah. And boyfriend.

It’s good that she killed him. And got her wings back. Aurora was a big help, I’m glad they’re getting along now.

And the best quote of all:

That’s the best movie I’ve ever seen! Even better than Frozen. Because they both have the same moral… That true love isn’t always what you expect.

So, yes, she talks incessantly during movies. And if she wasn’t so darn entertaining, it might be annoying. But I find the insight and observations of my young lady to be well worth the price of any ticket (or two if I want to see the movie first in a little peace and quiet).

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