What is A Perfect Day?

Most days slip away from me, chaotic and hectic and full of all the things I must do. But I know that somewhere out there is a day in which I get to do all the things I want to do and will enjoy every minute and it will be amazing and filled with wonder and absolutely perfect. I’ll wake up refreshed after a great night’s sleep, be able to write, spend time with my family, come up with innovative solutions at work, exercise, eat delicious yet nutritious meals prepared by me, indulge in a treat (wine and/or chocolate will do just fine), watch my favorite TV shows, take a long bath, and read a book. I’ll be the Perfect Mom and my kids will have healthy options to eat all day, get help with their homework, go outside and play in the neighborhood, and have my undivided attention for as long as they want. I’ll be the Perfect Wife and be fully present in all conversations, engage in lively debate (which he loves), shower him with love and affection, and peacefully share in the household and parenting duties.


I have about 36 hours of stuff I need to fit into 24 hours. But I also know that I spend a lot of time on things that don’t necessarily make my life better. Some are out of habit, and some start off as a good thing, but become time suckers (Pinterest, anyone?). My goal in the next however-long-it-takes is to increase the amount of time doing things that make me happier, and eliminate or reduce the amount of time wasted, until I finally find my way to a Perfect Day for J.

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