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Sweet Motivation

“You get a cupcake at every mile!” I said. That may be an exaggeration, I know you get one at the first mile, I have no idea if it happens again after that. Continue reading

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Something wasn’t right about Halloween this year. I didn’t really notice it until now – I mean, I knew October vanished before I had the chance to enjoy any of it, but it seemed like we managed to pull off … Continue reading

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Too Practical for Fluffy Literature

My daughter and I were reading a book the other day. The story begins with two poor, young women who live in a cottage. One day they come across a destitute, old woman who is starving, so they give the … Continue reading

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My Seven and Only

When I was in 8th grade, we had a discussion about fate and free will in my literature class. I have no idea what book we were reading that would tie into the discussion, but I have a vivid recollection … Continue reading

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Dogs are a Girl’s Best Friend

Quickly, before I forget, here’s the conversation I just had with my 6 year-old daughter: K: I wish that dogs could talk so that I could just tell Kokanee all my problems if I didn’t want to tell anybody else. … Continue reading

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Messing with Texas

When we got into the car this evening, I stopped to take a quick shot of the dashboard: Which prompted this conversation: W (9-years-old): One hundred and FOUR?! This isn’t Minnesota, this is TEXAS! (Keep in mind that despite my … Continue reading

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Size Matters

As we’re getting ready for our vacation of a lifetime – a Disney cruise around Italy (I know! Can you even stand the excitement??) – we’re doing a little research so the kids can appreciate some of the sights that … Continue reading

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