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Thank you to the ones who lift me up

Ugh, I just feel like I’m swimming in negativity lately – in the news, on facebook, at work. It’s everywhere, and as much as I joke about being a crabby person, this negativity has taken a turn and is dragging … Continue reading

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, As I get older, I’ve realized my Christmas list has gotten shorter, because the things I really want for the holidays can’t be bought. So here’s my list: Your Elves Yes, you read that right. I’d like your … Continue reading

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No Mo’ NaBloPoMo

I couldn’t do it. The first day it was a conscious decision. It was getting late in the day. I knew I could rush and post something – another half-concocted thought. But I weighed the options. I thought, If I … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season

It’s that magical time of year again – the time of year where there is simultaneously too much Christmas and not enough Christmas to keep the masses happy. Maybe an epic battle would settle it once and for all. On … Continue reading

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Best. Football Game. Ever.

Well that would depend on who you are, but for me and a special subset of my friends, the point is not debatable. Twenty years ago today, something very special was happening on the Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s campuses.  … Continue reading

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Old Dog, Young Pup

Our husky, border collie mix is getting old. Next spring he’ll be 12. The two other dogs we know his age (one, his litter-mate) both died this past year. We can see Kokanee is aging – just look at all … Continue reading

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Snow Emergency

I should be at home coming up with something fun to write. Instead, I’m at Target, 45 min before close, looking for snow pants and boots because Mommy, the teacher said I need them for tomorrow! Or else I can’t … Continue reading

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