Rules of the Road

Here’s how my blog is going to work. If you have different ideas of how a blog should work, that’s totally cool – go find and/or start a blog like that.

  1. Unedited Posts – I reserve the right to publish unedited posts whenever I feel like it. Part of me getting to A Perfect Day is going to involve some dedication to writing. Usually when I write, I spend as much (or more) time editing what I’ve written to make it the masterpiece I know it was in my head before my hands and the keyboard got involved. Unedited Posts will likely contain (gasp!) spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Now, since I detest these types of errors above all, they will quickly be addressed whenever I have time to review the post. What you will most likely find in Unedited Posts is lots and lots and lots of words and extra sentences that don’t seem to serve a purpose, or take you down winding dead-ends and far-off tangents. If this is going to bother you, please don’t read my Unedited Posts.
  2. Train Posts – I may start using my commuting time on the train to start a post or get out something short.  So far, I have not figured out how to “save as draft” on my phone, so they have to go straight to getting published.  Since my phone likes to guess what I’m trying to say (why does it always replace “so” with “do”?), these posts may be really rough.  They will be their own special category under the Unedited category.
  3. Comments – at this point, I have not decided if I will allow comments on my blog. I’ve seen good arguments both ways. And while I love to get input and feedback from people I know and respect, I so often wish that the internet was read-only so my blog may very well be just that.
  4. Names – I will try my best to use initials in place of names to protect the innocent and the guilty. If I forget and use your real name and now everybody (all 2 of the people who will be reading this) knows some of your deepest, darkest secrets, I sincerely apologize from the depths of my heart.
  5. Fact vs. Opinion – Chances are pretty good that everything within the walls of this blog are going to be strictly my opinion. This is primarily because I am too lazy to do any actual research on most of the things about which I want to write. If I do use actual, real facts, I will try to find a respectable citation that you can use to confirm the validity of what I said. When it’s just my opinion, there will be no citations and no way of proving one way or the other whether I’m a genius in thought or completely off my rocker. It’s a chance I think we should all be willing to take.

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