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More Untitled (So Far)

It was his eyes. They would tell me the rest of what I needed to know, and they were what sent the girls behind me into a tizzy. I had never seen that color in real life. Continue reading

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I’m a cheerlouder – not a cheerleader, I could never be a cheerleader. I just don’t have the pep and coordination for that kind of thing (it’s ok, I can say that – some of my best friends are cheerleaders). … Continue reading

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Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling, My Son John

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost your street pants and ONE shoe while at hockey practice. What’s that? Not a lot of hands out there? Oh, so it’s just my son then. Good. Maybe hockey players will tell me … Continue reading

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They say that growing up is hard to do…

I know the song says “breaking up” but I think growing up is hard to do, too. Tonight as I was tucking in my son he said, “What should we do with all my stuffed animals?  Put them in the … Continue reading

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A Color Poem

This comes from my third grade, almost nine-year-old son. I happen to think it’s super awesome.                         BLACK Black is a wolf in the dark of the night. Black … Continue reading

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