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When Thoughts Don’t Go the Way You Planned

Yesterday I planned to talk about some of the differences between the older, wiser dog and the younger, energetic puppy. ┬áIt was going to be cute and insightful and include this quote from my always-entertaining daughter: “It’s kind of like … Continue reading

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Old Dog, Young Pup

Our husky, border collie mix is getting old. Next spring he’ll be 12. The two other dogs we know his age (one, his litter-mate) both died this past year. We can see Kokanee is aging – just look at all … Continue reading

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Dogs are a Girl’s Best Friend

Quickly, before I forget, here’s the conversation I just had with my 6 year-old daughter: K: I wish that dogs could talk so that I could just tell Kokanee all my problems if I didn’t want to tell anybody else. … Continue reading

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