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Life Lessons from a Child

Last year, in first grade, my daughter’s teacher had the students write in a “Life Book”. Throughout the school year, students brought in pictures or other meaningful items that could be pasted in the book and then wrote stories or … Continue reading

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Fiction Fun Time

I’m all blogged out lately. I’m just worn out from all the opinions on the internet – even those with which I agree are exhausting at the moment. So here’s a break from all that with another chunk of a … Continue reading

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Maleficent with a 7 Year Old

I’ve mentioned before how my daughter’s commentary is sometimes the most entertaining part of a movie or program. I shared her quotes last year when we went to see Iron Man 3, and again in February during the opening ceremonies … Continue reading

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Reaching the Perfect Weight

I have achieved my ideal weight! I’ve never reached my goal weight before, though I’ve been this weight (and lighter!) plenty of times. I know you’re dying to hear my secret (and explain that last statement), but let me give … Continue reading

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Poor Pheasants

What was her problem? We get a pair of pheasants almost every summer. I’ve pointed out the male and female and described the reasons the female has better camouflage. I’ve told both kids the stories of how my dad sometimes hunted pheasants and my mom made jewelry from the feathers (it was the early ’80s, feather jewelry was cool…probably). This child has seen pheasants before, why didn’t she believe me now? Continue reading

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I’m a cheerlouder – not a cheerleader, I could never be a cheerleader. I just don’t have the pep and coordination for that kind of thing (it’s ok, I can say that – some of my best friends are cheerleaders). … Continue reading

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Opening Ceremonies with My 7yo

If you ever thought the Parade of Athletes was the boring part of Opening Ceremonies, you should watch them with my 7-year-old daughter. Because while I love to watch the athletes, she definitely made the parade even more entertaining than … Continue reading

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The Day I Became Beautiful

I knew because she looks at me the way I look at her. Because in her eyes, I am beautiful. Because she sees herself in me. Continue reading

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Proud Parenting Moments

Kids will often do something that fills their parent’s heart with pride. Sometimes it’s a big thing like acing a test or scoring the winning goal. Sometimes it’s just a very little thing, like when you’re walking upstairs and your … Continue reading

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Troop to Troops

I have the privilege to be the troop leader for my daughter’s first grade Daisy Troop. Their favorite things to do during meetings is color and dance. So tonight we put their coloring powers to work and made Christmas and … Continue reading

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