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Life Lessons from a Child

Last year, in first grade, my daughter’s teacher had the students write in a “Life Book”. Throughout the school year, students brought in pictures or other meaningful items that could be pasted in the book and then wrote stories or … Continue reading

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The Day I Became Beautiful

I knew because she looks at me the way I look at her. Because in her eyes, I am beautiful. Because she sees herself in me. Continue reading

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High School: 20 Years Later

I’d like to give everybody a little unsolicited advice: get over high school and go to your reunion. First, let me start by telling you who I think I was in high school. I was a weird mix of confident … Continue reading

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They say that growing up is hard to do…

I know the song says “breaking up” but I think growing up is hard to do, too. Tonight as I was tucking in my son he said, “What should we do with all my stuffed animals?  Put them in the … Continue reading

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