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Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling, My Son John

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost your street pants and ONE shoe while at hockey practice. What’s that? Not a lot of hands out there? Oh, so it’s just my son then. Good. Maybe hockey players will tell me … Continue reading

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First Grade Comedy

A while ago I posted about my daughter’s blossoming sense of humor, as she begins to understand the fine art of sarcasm (From Literal to Sarcastic). ¬†She’s also learning to tell jokes with an actual punchline. But good joke delivery … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Day Program

I will never know their sacrifice, and my tears are a humble and insignificant tribute to all they have given. Continue reading

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Troop to Troops

I have the privilege to be the troop leader for my daughter’s first grade Daisy Troop. Their favorite things to do during meetings is color and dance. So tonight we put their coloring powers to work and made Christmas and … Continue reading

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Sweet Motivation

“You get a cupcake at every mile!” I said. That may be an exaggeration, I know you get one at the first mile, I have no idea if it happens again after that. Continue reading

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Something wasn’t right about Halloween this year. I didn’t really notice it until now – I mean, I knew October vanished before I had the chance to enjoy any of it, but it seemed like we managed to pull off … Continue reading

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Too Practical for Fluffy Literature

My daughter and I were reading a book the other day. The story begins with two poor, young women who live in a cottage. One day they come across a destitute, old woman who is starving, so they give the … Continue reading

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Dogs are a Girl’s Best Friend

Quickly, before I forget, here’s the conversation I just had with my 6 year-old daughter: K: I wish that dogs could talk so that I could just tell Kokanee all my problems if I didn’t want to tell anybody else. … Continue reading

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Messing with Texas

When we got into the car this evening, I stopped to take a quick shot of the dashboard: Which prompted this conversation: W (9-years-old): One hundred and FOUR?! This isn’t Minnesota, this is TEXAS! (Keep in mind that despite my … Continue reading

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Wrong Answer

K: Mom, I have a question. Me: I have an answer. The answer is 42. What’s the question? K: Ha! I have to ask my question first. Are we going to be walking around a lot tomorrow? Me: Probably not, … Continue reading

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