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Thank you to the ones who lift me up

Ugh, I just feel like I’m swimming in negativity lately – in the news, on facebook, at work. It’s everywhere, and as much as I joke about being a crabby person, this negativity has taken a turn and is dragging … Continue reading

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Poor Pheasants

What was her problem? We get a pair of pheasants almost every summer. I’ve pointed out the male and female and described the reasons the female has better camouflage. I’ve told both kids the stories of how my dad sometimes hunted pheasants and my mom made jewelry from the feathers (it was the early ’80s, feather jewelry was cool…probably). This child has seen pheasants before, why didn’t she believe me now? Continue reading

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Nurture and Nature

This is a few years old (hence the Jersey Shore reference), but it’s been on my mind a lot lately so I thought I’d resurrect it from my archives. Reading it now, I can’t help but think how smart I … Continue reading

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Raising Her Voice

What I want more than almost anything else is for my daughter to have a voice in this world, to know her thoughts and ideas are valued, and her opinions are worth expressing. She has a great big brain and … Continue reading

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Why I don’t tell my daughter what to wear

Leopards and floral and checks, oh my? Absolutely! Continue reading

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Dear Brain

Dear Brain, These past two days have been great! We know you feel bad that we haven’t gone on that run yet, but 3 out of 4 promises is pretty good. That salad the other night was delicious! Let’s do … Continue reading

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How Many Times

How many times do I have to tell you?

You heard it from your parents and you’ve said it to your kids. You swore you never would, but it’s so frustrating to repeat yourself to the brink of insanity.
Continue reading

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